Wherein Sovay, our ever-curious hero receives an intriguing invitation into an unknown world entangled in the past, present, and future.

Sovay may not know it yet, but there are many ways to use Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Over-the-Top (OTT) Media is being invented even as we speak and we have a chance to embed effective analytic techniques into its very DNA.

As our adventure with Sovay begins, there are many paths we can take to achieve our goal of uncovering new insights and exploring analytic practices that draw on the history of AI, current thinking, and future-proofing those ideas. From standard excel regressions to python to extended systems of Stochastic Differential Equations or Reinforcement Learning to take us to the next chapter. 

At the core, we need to match the theory with the data to create impactful, lasting and resilient products.  It’s not enough to fit a model once, we are building complicated machines that require nurturing interactions.

The theory guides this interaction and the data supports it. 

Decisions Under Uncertainty

Like most analytic endeavors, OTT needs to make decisions about the future, and these decisions can have dramatic effects.  Let’s talk about how the Curse of Big Data has started affecting the industry.  As the data becomes voluminous, analysts need to find Predictive Analytics to match their Domain Knowledge expertise with the Observed Data Engineering is presenting them with.  Luckily, there are tried and true methods from multiple fields of analysis that can help us. 

In our next episode, join us as we take Sovay along this journey to sourcing the truth and making better OTT business decisions.